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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Jan 19 - Updates

Happy Sunday! Loving this big fluffy snow that has been coming down all day. This stuff is easy to shovel.

I have added some newspaper clippings and a new page of "other" clippings ( same name no connection yet)
I have also started adding military records.

There is a new photo page for the Gruhl Matthews branch and I have added about a dozen pics to it.

Added a photo page for Haase / Monk. Just a few pics on there right now.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Jan 15th - Updates

I have started adding charts. I am started with my father because most of you reading this who are directly connected to me are from his or my generation.

I have decide to add some of the connected trees to this blog for now ( Monk, Haase, Gruhl and Matthews) Eventually I will be moving them to separate blogs but for now I am a little overwhelmed with about a dozen other blogs that I try to keep current both news and genealogy related.

I have been focusing a little on the Gruhl side now I am living closer to the area that they all settled in. I am hoping to gather enough into and make a trip up to Silver Lake there with Derek in the summer to take some cemetery photos.  Hoping there is family still living in the area.

Please please start writing down your memories. I would like to have a page for anecdotes and memories. It would be great to hear some stories of people my generation didn't get to know very well.

If you are If you are in my tree and would like a pdf file of your complete ancestry ( Of what I have found so far) starting with yourself. Send me an email  or on FB and I will generate one for you.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Gottfred (Fred Sankey) Sadroschinske

Gottfred (Fred Sankey) Sadroschinske was born on 19 Sep 1852 in Alsace-Lorriane,Prussia. Son of Gotfred Sadroschinske and Anna Maria.  When he was 25, He married Mary Theresa Anna Maria Mechefske,daughter of Henry Mechefske and Mary Ann Magolski, on 08 Feb 1878 in Preston Ontario Canada.

I am still not completely sure of the proper spelling of his surname or what year he started using the name Sankey. There are several different spellings on different documents.  In the 1891 census the surname is Sadrocendski. I had trouble finding his children's birth records as each one had a different spelling. (See individuals below)

He arrived in Canada in 1864 (Age: 11).  He died on 07 Aug 1929 in Wellington, Ontario, Canada

Gottfred (Fred Sankey) Sadroschinske and Mary  Mechefske had the following children:

Evelyn Dora Sodracenki Sankey was born on 02 May 1905 in Wellington, Ontario, Canada. She died on 02 May 1959. She married Elmer Carl Schaus on 25 Dec 1926 in Wellington, Ontario, Canada.

Edward T Sankey was born about 1890 in Guelph Ontario. He died on 25 Apr 1953 in Guelph Ontario Canada (Marymount Cemetery). He married Margaret Reinhardt on 25 Sep 1912.

Josephine Sophia Sankey was born on 30 Aug 1885 in Ontario. She died on 31 Oct 1956 in Toronto (Toronto general hsp).

Henry Sankey was born on 09 Apr 1881 in Guelph Ontario. He died on 05 Dec 1975 in Hanover, Ontario.

Margaret Wilhilmina Sankey was born about 1893.

Agnes Cecelia Sankey was born on 28 Mar 1896 in Guelph Ontario. She died on 22 Apr 1934 in Toronto.

William Sidsrosanky Sankey was born on 06 Aug 1880 in Ontario.

Sadie Sarah Sankey was born on 21 Jun 1898 in Guelph Ontario Canada. She died in 1972 in Guelph
Charles John Karl Sankey was born on 21 Nov 1883 in Guelph Ontario Canada. He died in 1962 in Guelph Ontario Canada (Buried in Durkin family plot). He married an Julia Durkin on 24 Nov 1908 in Wellington, Ontario, Canada.

Marian Sankey was born on 19 May 1891 in Guelph Township. She married James McKinley on 20 Apr 1910 in Wellington, Ontario, Canada. She married Robert Stewart on 12 Oct 1914 in Wellington, Wellington, Ontario, Canada.

George Walter Sankey was born on 01 Aug 1888 in Guelph Ont. He died in 1951 in Brantford Ont.

Fred Geoffrey Sankey was born on 15 Aug 1878 in Ontario. He died in London Ont.. He married  Mary Darch on 22 Feb 1905 in Dufferin, Ontario, Canada.



Welcome to my blog for Sankey genealogy. I don't have much content posted other than a few photos but will be adding to this blog daily.